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Single Ticket

We embrace holistic development within our sectors.

Single Ticket


Admits one adult to Fire and Ice Event

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Join us for an evening of celebration and community with House of Dawn supporters in-person and online.    All participants will receive a swag pack of wine and goodies with at home participants receiving their own special package.


What to Expect?

Fire & Ice entertainment and décor will fill our venue and make for fabulous and sophisticated evening outdoors.

Come and enjoy a night of music, dancing, dining, wonderful wines,  and great company with us as we support young mothers and their families.

Social Distanced Outdoor Event and Virtual Attendees:  we are carefully setting up our event to allow parties and small groups to properly socially distance or join us online from any location from around the globe.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who believes that by supporting young mothers, we empower future generations and make our communities stronger. We are inviting caring citizens, community and business leaders to join with us in providing a safe home, caring and highly trained staff, educational opportunities and the resources needed to help our young families create a pathway for a successful life.

Where is the event located?

The event will be held outdoors at a private residence in Jonesboro. Details will be provided once you have purchased your tickets.


What other ways can I help?

  • Click here to see list of other ways to support the House of Dawn.
  • Connect with us through social media, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. and help others learn about our work.
  • Most important, please give . House of Dawn is a registered nonprofit 501 ( c ) (3), and your tax-deductible charitable donations allow us to provide exceptional care and services for the young moms and children who need it the most. You will receive a gift receipt and gift acknowledgement letter each time that you give.